Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mourning Autumn

Yesterday afternoon I sat on my garden bench, rocking my baby granddaughter, savoring the stillness of the autumn day and the leaves falling gently from the maple trees. It definitely looks like fall, but the temperatures have reached the 70's the past few days, and the air is humid and carries the odor of car exhaust or some other similarly unpleasant chemical.

Autumn has always been my favorite season -- with its early morning frost, sparklingly clear air, chilly breezes, and delicious scents. Darkness falls heavily in the evening as we linger outside for one last breath of fresh air before we gather inside -- snug and cozy by the fire.

This year autumn has hesitated; the frosts have yet to come, and the vibrant colors of the falling leaves are muted. The warm slacks and sweaters that I love are hanging in the closet, and summer attire is the most comfortable on these warm days.

I assume that this is another indication of the global warming we hear so much about today. As a sensitive observer of nature I have noticed gradual changes in the seasons since the early 1970's, but in recent years the changes have become more pronounced.

Finally, people are beginning to recognize that a problem exists. Perhaps if the world were becoming colder people would have reacted sooner, but everyone loves warm weather. Hopefully, our scientists, politicians and corporations will be able to work together to find solutions to this complicated issue.

For now, I will just mourn the loss of autumn!

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