Thursday, January 10, 2008


I was startled to realize that soon we will plan our 40th high school reunion. I have worked on the reunion committees before and thoroughly enjoyed the planning and camaraderie. This one should be especially interesting, since we haven't held a reunion in ten years. It will be fun to catch up on everyones' lives.

I wasn't particularly attractive or popular in high school, so I don't have any image to uphold. I attend strictly for the fun of seeing people I haven't seen in years. The passage of time is kind to some and brutal to others. There are wonderful success stories which fill us with envy, as well as grief for the classmates whose untimely deaths shock us. For the most part, our previous reunions have been happy gatherings. The cliques and elitism which were so prevalent in our suburban high school in the 1960's are merely a memory. We come together as one to celebrate those important growing up years we shared in this little town and to share what we have become.

I must admit, though, I can't believe it will be our 40th!

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