Sunday, March 16, 2008

How Sad --

My first reaction when I heard the news about Eliot Spitzer this week was one of disbelief. This man who inspired so many New Yorkers to believe in the possibility of a "new start" couldn't possibly have ruined his political life, could he?? However, in the hours to come it was apparent that he had.

How sad! How sad for the citizens of our country who so badly need real political heroes. How sad for Eliot who has, for reasons we cannot understand, sabotaged his own promising career and broken his trust with his famly. How sad for his wife who was forced to endure her own private grief in such a public way. But most of all, how sad for his daughters, who will now forever carry in their hearts the message that being a beautiful, intelligent, accomplished and supportive wife is not always enough!!

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