Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning. Can there possibly be a more lovely feeling than the peace and anticipation of an unscheduled Sunday? I am desperately in need of a day devoted solely to puttering and leisure.

My sister’s struggle with cancer these past months finally ended a couple of weeks ago. For this I am grateful – now she is free from her suffering, and those of us who loved her and cared for her in her final days felt a profound sense of relief as we passed her into the hands of God. Her funeral on a sunny Friday morning and the luncheon afterwards gave her family and friends much-needed hours to lovingly recall memories and say a final goodbye to a complicated woman who seems to have been many things to many different people. I will mourn my only sister and try to find comfort in the closeness we shared in the past few years.

The days since her death, when I longed for some quiet time, have instead been filled with health problems of my own, a totally unexpected household renovation, and a struggle to catch up on office work which was set aside as I cared for my sister.

Yesterday was a welcome break in the stress of the past few weeks. I attended a party to celebrate my grandson’s 15th and my granddaughter’s 2nd birthdays. There is no better panacea for stress and sorrow than to gather with family and friends on a summer afternoon, with sunshine, good food and good wine, and savor the laughter and joy of precious little children.

Throughout this past month, as I have been comforted by my children, grandchildren, cousins, friends, and the caring words of so many loved ones from afar, I have once again been reminded that our true wealth in this life is the people we hold dear. We must be sure to hold them close to our hearts, to take time from our busy schedules to be with them, or call, or write – to savor the bonds of family and friendship. Ultimately, these bonds are our lifeline in times of trouble and the greatest of our treasures.

I will ponder these thoughts as I savor the quiet day ahead. I will feed my birds before the impending rain arrives, bake a chocolate cake for my daughter’s friend, and maybe enjoy a nice lunch somewhere with my husband. There is a world of possibilities for a leisurely Sunday –

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