Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Precipice

One day you wake up as you do every morning, and you realize that you have reached a breaking point.  There is no huge event that drives you over the precipice.  In fact, you realize it has been a long, slow process -- too much stress, no emotional support, financial struggles, too much work and responsibility, and too little fun. 

And, you feel guilty, because your life isn't as bad as many peoples' lives -- there could be so many more serious problems.  And this guilt makes you feel worse.

Suddenly, though, you realize you are just empty -- there are no emotional reserves left.  The huge bill for car repairs that you can't afford, a few careless, hurtful words spoken, and then finally a late school bus which throws off your tight morning schedule -- you feel the tears prickling at the back of your eyes.

But, you don't let them fall -- you can't, because you aren't really sure if you can ever make them stop.

And then, the day is over, you pick up your car at the garage, drive home to your peaceful house, pour a glass of wine and enjoy the blissful pleasure of a quiet Friday evening.  On Saturday, you spend the afternoon with your favorite cousin, touring apartments and condos in lovely Saratoga County -- a lazy afternoon filled with good conversation and laughter.  You find that the last apartment on your tour is on the sixth floor of Market Center Apartments in Saratoga Springs -- and you enjoy the panoramic view from its huge windows and walk out onto the lovely balcony which overlooks beautiful downtown Saratoga and mountain vistas beyond, with cool autumn breezes and blue skies begging you to linger there for awhile.

The emptiness of yesterday morning is slowly being refilled with the joy and beauty of this lovely afternoon, and you realize that you are not going to fall over the precipice.  You were born with the gift of a happy spirit, and you just have to be sure you take the time to refill the springs every once in awhile -- to spend time with people who make you happy and visit places that bring you pleasure.  You are going to be okay!!

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