Saturday, November 30, 2013

Watching Garth

I waited with much anticipation for the Garth Brooks special on TV tonight.  He is my all-time favorite performer, and much time has passed since the last time I saw him.  I set the DVR to record and settled into my favorite chair at 9:00.  It was a wonderful show!!

Watching him, and listening to his music brought me back to the happier years when my children were teenagers, and life seemed to stretch before us with endless possibilities.  My house was always filled with the chatter and laughter of my children and their friends, and I found great pleasure in their company.  Country music was very much a part of our lives then -- music videos on the TV much of the day, CD's playing as we drove in the car, concerts -- it is no wonder the music tonight made me nostalgic for those days.

I felt young and free, filled with wonder and hope.  Country music spoke to my heart -- I could hear echoes of my own heartbreaks as well as the resilience of my spirit.  And tonight I felt it all once more.  Thank you, Garth, for the music and the memories!!

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