Sunday, May 25, 2008

Waiting for Lucas

I am up early to enjoy the quiet of a Sunday morning -- no distant traffic noises as people hurry to begin their days -- only the gentle sounds of birdsong and the trickle of water in my little pond. We have been blessed with lovely weather for this Memorial Day weekend. The sun is shining and temperatures are in the 70's -- perfect for barbecues, camping, gardening and parades.

For the most part, I will spend my weekend at home, catching up on household and gardening chores. Tonight my son and his wife will come for a barbecue, and at some point I will make a visit to the cemetery to plant flowers on my parents' and grandparents' graves. I love long holiday weekends which are unscheduled; I can pick and choose my activities on a whim.

Most importantly, though, we will be waiting for my grandson, Lucas Michael, to arrive. His due date was yesterday, and we are increasingly impatient for his birth. My poor daughter-in-law is weary and wondering at this point if he will ever come. My son is worried because his wife is small and the baby is getting bigger by the day. And I am worried and filled with anticipation, but resigned to the fact that God has his plan and apparently it is not time yet for us to welcome Lucas into our waiting arms.

So, I will keep busy today - planting and tending the garden, preparing food for tonight's barbecue, dusting & polishing furniture and floors - yet always hoping for the phone to ring with the wonderful news that Lucas is finally on his way.

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