Saturday, May 3, 2008

Weekend Bliss

Saturday has been damp and chilly; thankfully, yesterday afternoon I worked in the flower gardens pulling up the baby weeds that had already begun to entangle the gardens. This is a chore that offers a real sense of accomplishment -- pulling out the undesirables in order to make more room for the flowers to soak up moisture and sunshine. We have a particularly stubborn weed in our yard which would overtake the entire house if left on its own, but yesterday I once again began to wage my perennial war against the goatweed. I marvel at the lush growth that takes place in the gardens during April. My bleeding hearts and forget-me-nots are prolific, and my lilies-of-the-valley are almost ready to burst into bloom. What loveliness God has created for us.

With so much work outside finished yesterday, a very productive week behind me in the office, and a full Thursday devoted to cleaning my house, my weekend is my own. I lingered over coffee this morning and began a lovely book, Chosen by a Horse, a memoir by Susan Richards. I went to the grocery store for a real "stock up", and after a quick lunch, went down to my son's house to check on their cats and get the house warmed up and ready for their return from vacation tonight. As I write, they are flying home from Florida. I can't wait to hold my baby granddaughter in my arms again, and see my grandson all tall and tan from the Florida sunshine.

I am "babysitting" for my daughter's white boxer tonight. She has plans with her friends, and I will keep Toby here with me for the night. He is a huge lapful of energy and love, with his soulful eyes and eager playfulness. My husband takes our two little dogs upstairs with him, and I snuggle on the couch with Toby. What pleasure and unconditional love we receive from our pets.

I have needed this quiet day. My life has been unbearably busy recently, and I am a person who needs time to think, ponder, and feel. I am a nurturer and caretaker and I need short periods of solitude here and there to restore my inner tranquility.

The month ahead will be busy, with Mothers' Day celebrations next weekend, and the birth of my precious baby grandson in two or three weeks. I am so impatiently awaiting his birth -- to finally see his little face and snuggle him to my heart.

Soon now, my son will call to tell me they are safely home, and I will settle peacefully into the softness of the couch, with Toby cuddled next to me, and savor the quiet of this spring night and the promise of a leisurely Sunday.

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