Monday, December 17, 2007

Memories of Dan Fogelberg

I read the obituary for Dan Fogelberg this morning with sadness -- I was touched by his music in the 1970's & 80's and join with other fans in mourning his untimely death.

The obituary described his songs as having "a weighty tone, reflecting on emotional issues in a serious way." It then quotes Fogelberg in a 1997 interview as saying his music did not represent his personality. "That came from my singles in the early '80's....I'm not a dour person in the least. I'm actually kind of a happy person. Music doesn't really reflect the whole personality."

This quote lingered on the edges of my mind throughout the day. I realized that for the most part, I am drawn to sad music -- the lonely, mournful ballads of heartbreak and lost dreams. Outwardly I am a happy, loving woman -- always known for my easy smile and cheerful nature. And, for the most part, I really am that happy person -- the most simple pleasures bring me great joy and contentment. Waking to a peach-colored sunrise and sipping coffee from my flowered mug while watching the birds at the feeder make my spirits soar for the entire morning. I thoroughly enjoy the sheer beauty that surrounds us in so many moments of our days.

However, sorrow lives deep inside my soul -- sorrow for the losses in my life and the innocence of that hopeful young girl I once was. The songs I cherish are usually the ones that give voice to that inner sadness.

My husband, during one of his many depressed moods, asked me sarcastically, "Why are you always singing and humming to yourself -- are you ALWAYS that happy?!" I replied simply, "What you don't realize is that I am usually singing sad songs."

Thank you, Dan Fogelberg, for your songs that spoke to my heart.

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