Thursday, December 13, 2007

"This Too Shall Pass"

Snow falling silent and heavy soothes my soul -- I love to walk down the snow-covered street in the darkness and absorb the deep silence of a snowstorm. However, even as the fluffy snow was piling up today, my stress level was at a maximum. Tonight I feel a bit overwhelmed with worries and tension -- stresses from business, financial concerns, issues with my children. I feel a twinge of guilt, because I realize that these worries of mine are nothing compared with people who are facing serious illnesses and tragedies. My problems are small when measured against so many others.

Why is it that suddenly one day or one week, everything seems to happen at once, and we just don't have enough inner strength to handle it all with any degree of serenity. We know these problems are not life-altering, but somehow we have just reached our personal limit, and feel powerless to cope.

Hopefully, a good night's sleep will help to put it all in perspective. Before I close the curtains I will turn out the lights and enjoy the pristine beauty of the newly fallen snow on the trees and the fenceposts and the bird feeders. I will savor its quiet serenity, and remind myself that no matter how difficult the moment, "This Too Shall Pass!"

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