Monday, December 10, 2007

Snow Day

We woke this morning to ice-coated cars and driveways, and a snow day was declared for our school district. This meant that in addition to caring for my 4-month old granddaughter, my 13-year old grandson would be here for the day, too.

I was a stay-at-home Mom when my children were growing up, and unlike working parents who dread snow days, I always loved them. When we actually had snow, much of the day was spent bundling children into snowsuits, stripping off the wet, icy outerwear and throwing it into the dryer, and then starting the process all over after everyone was warmed up by a cup of hot cocoa. These were days that formed pleasant memories for my children and for me.

Today there was no snow, and I was busy working in the office while the baby napped, but I watched as my grandson set up an old train set he had as a child and shared reminiscences with him, and in the late afternoon we spent a half hour making a batch of Toll House cookies together. These unexpected days with our children are a gift to mothers and grandmothers who are fortunate enough to be home. And, more importantly, they will serve as warm memories for these children as they move out into the sometimes cold reality of our world.

I give thanks to have shared this day with my two precious grandchildren.

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