Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Time of Peace

Today Christmas is behind us -- all of my lists, shopping, wrapping, cooking and creating culminated in a warm and lovely family day, with delicious food, lively conversation and abundant love. By bedtime last night I was completely exhausted, both physically and mentally, but thankful for the joy of our Christmas Day.

Now I can wind down a bit and relax; of course, there are still a few more days of the Christmas season, and I have some guests dropping in here and there, but for the most part, my work is finished. What a lovely time this is -- the house still carries the scents, sights and sounds of Christmas. I can delight in the carefully placed decorations and lovely flower arrangements, nibble at the leftovers, and listen to soothing Christmas music as I sip a cup of tea. While the week before Christmas is filled with a mixture of anticipation and stress, the week after is one of relief and peacefulness. With the hectic earthly celebration of Christmas a memory, we can turn our thoughts to the spiritual gift of this little baby who so changed the world.

May Peace Be With You

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